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During the popular 60ies, together with Hippie Look, in Positano was born the famous “Moda Positano”.

At that time, people coming from the city, didn’t expect a such a mild clime and usually didn’t have the right clothing to wear in this paradise corner where the sun was always shining, for this reason they went through the many souvenir’s shops asking for pareos , shorts, swim suite and everything else was beachwear. The original traders from Positano, feeling the good business in the air, began to design and produce a particular and new fashion using linen hand-embroidered towels and sheet from the traditional wedding kit, with crochet and bobbing application they finished elegant evening gowns .
This new style had a great success since the beginning because unique and different from the city wear.
Entrepreneurs such as Benetton and Fiorucci, usually on holiday in Positano, showed how to dye and to give to those special clothes many different colors.
Began to rise many small factory and in one of these, Giacomo Cinque, expressed his love for art of embroidery creating unique patterns.

Today, together with Riccardo Ruggiti, first antique dealer, they runs the Antica Sartoria, a company present in Positano in the city center and on the main beach with two shops where the guests on holiday use to renew their holiday’s wardrobe.

Growing more and more on the market and distributing the product all over the world, Antica Sartoria produces thanks to the job of masterful craftsmen from different countries but preserving the spirit and the expression of the original fashion “Positanese”.