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The company was established in the far 1957 by Mr Francesco Casillo to deal with the wholesale trade of clothing and lining fabrics. The sale takes place at the venues in Nola (Zona ASI, Boscofangone, number 59) and at the branch offices located in the Nola CIS (island 3 no. 346/7/8) and in Prato (Via Toscana, 88). The offer is very wide and goes from wool to silk, cotton and linen, etc. Such a deep range has always been turning C.N.C into one of the most competitive companies in the national and international markets. The excellent value for money, reliability and quick deliveries are the main competitive factors that make C.N.C.  the best partner for fashion companies and especially for those companies that deal with fast fashion. A constant attention to trends and evolution that take place quicker and quicker allowed the company to promote increasingly the manufacturing of exclusive fabrics, which hugely satisfied our customers. Over the years, in fact, we were able to make relevant partnerships both with Italian and foreigner suppliers, as well as with top customers, based on a strong sense of reliability and cooperation on the whole textile manufacturing cycle. These factors make C.N.C. an historical and dynamic company, increasingly projected to a constant growth and satisfaction future.