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GTC S.r.l. is a company that has been operating in the textile sector for three generations. Over the years, the company has gained an unprecedented experience that has made it possible to improve every aspect of the work of their collaborators. Based in the Nola CIS wholesaling district for about 40 years, texile convert company GTC S.r.l. soon became a leader in the ready-to-wear area. A team of expert collaborators in the textile sector with specific skills who work every day with seriousness and determination. Furthermore, the versatility and flexibility of the staff guarantee a flawless, fast and safe service. With the aim of meeting completely the customer’s needs, the company accurately organizes each stage of the distribution process. Customers are guaranteed the maximum care, kindness and attention. Convert GTC S.r.l. mainly distributes fabrics for women’s clothing with an elegant, original and glamorous texture. The target audience is made up of young and non-young women, aged 18 and over. There is a wide range of fabrics in the catalogue, as for shapes and colours, which include satins, silks, cotton or viscose in different shades, iridescent jacquard and quilted fabrics. The variety of colours and patterns is so wide as to meet the tastes and needs of all women. The company has the merit of having conceived and created GTC, a young and quality brand. Quality of fabrics, convenience and the staff’s kindness guarantee the success of the company both in Italy and abroad. In fact, GTC offers a widespread distribution also in Germany, France, England and Spain.