Giving the growing relevance for the market of on line sales and the strong interest shown by CIS companies towards this sale channel, CIS SpA established new contacts with Buying Show, an International e-commerce provider running an on line B2B website devoted to fashion. With a view to allow interested companies to get to know better the B2B platform and evaluate the actual trade opportunities it offers, we organized a meeting to give an overview of the exclusive and convenient conditions reserved to CIS companies who decide to access the marketplace. The meeting will be held on May 17th at 10.30 am at the Interporto Meeting center.Buying Show is a marketplace dedicated to brand companies or private label companies active in the industries of Clothing – Fashion accessories- Footware- costume jewellery – Bags and Leather goods – Cosmetics and Parfumes. Buying Show establishes contacts between the different brands of fashion and potential European and International buyers. Companies/brands have their showrooms on the platform and more than 300 buyers are regularly buying, between distributors, department stores and e-commerce B2C web sites, such as Mamsy (Russia), KupiVip (Russia), Lamoda (Russia), WildBerries, (Russia), Campadre (Sweden), (USA), Buyma (Japan) and others. One to one meeting will be in future organized with Buying Show responsibles to personally discuss with them the advantages involved in the partnership. For further information, please, contact CIS Marketing Office at 0813134000

From Cis News n.7 – 27 April 2018