Guacci Spa, a farmaceuticals distribution company established in 1946 and active in Campania and the surrounding geographic areas, presented its 2018 training offer. The “Guacci Academy” will deliver 4 training programs «with many many meeting occasions and hands on workshops– explained the company– with the aim of disseminating and conveying knowledge and practical methods to facilitate the sell-out and allow for a proper corporate management of “pharmacy”. The first program is on dermal-nutrition and cosmetics and will be broken up into 4 different sessions scheduled respectively for April 9th and 10th, May 10th and 11th, May 21st and 22nd and June 4th at the conference room G. Guacci (CIS di Nola – Isola 8, n. 8090). The program will be lectured by Gabriella Daporto, pharmacist and cosmetologist with a multi-annual experience in training on farmaceuticals and cosmetics topics. The second program will deal with “Advanced techniques for an effective warehouse management. Impact on cashflow and a performing organization of a pharmacy” and is scheduled for June 14th. The program will be lectured by Luigi Beck, pharmacist, adviser and software designer. On September 20th the program “Value of advice and cross/up selling” will be held and to conclude the fourth training program offered dealing with the topic “Self shopping: increasing profitability through display strategies” is scheduled for October 15th. These classes will also be held by Gabriella Daporto.
Guacci informed that the price to attend the training is 100Euros + VAT per program but company’s clients can attend free of charges. For further information please address the organizing secretariat at

From Cis News n.6 – 30 March 2018